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Every employee we appoint should be more qualified and more talented than the one they replaced, but we are notoriously bad at picking people. In fact, it’s unlikely that even 2 out of 10 hires in your business will ever achieve world class performance.


Typically, we evaluate a candidate’s resume and references, we bring them in for round robin interviews, and we are easily influenced by impressions of motivation and personality.


None of these activities are significantly increasing our hit rate.


A candidate’s experience, technical expertise, personality factors and motivation cannot predict for top quartile performance.


Barry has spoken to a wide range of companies and audiences around the world, including, Hilton, HP, Honeywell, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Stryker, Hologic, VW/Audi among others. While each speech is uniquely crafted, the central unifying theme is that people perform better when they position their work around their strengths. 


He positions his message to meet the needs of his audience.  

He will make you think.   

He addresses the limitations of orthodox thinking.  

He is critical of common approaches to leadership and management that have poor evidence of efficacy.  

He uses research data and insights to establish a clear path of what needs to be done to drive engagement, performance and personal and professional flourishing. 

It is every company’s dream to have an abundance of highly talented internal candidates for top-level management and leadership roles.


Yet our talent acquisition teams often find themselves behind the ball when it comes to taking a more holistic approach to succession planning.


Conchie Associates offers selection assessments across 4 categories which tend to be the deciding factor in overall company growth and performance.


Art Director

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Head of Sales

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Product Manager

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Decades of research have shown that experience and expertise fail to predict for superior performance. Motivation and personality are important factors in personal development but still fall short. Research tells us that talent is the top predictor for superior performance. 

We help CEO’s consider, evaluate and answer the following questions: 

What specific investments will help improve the effectiveness of the CEO and his executive team? 

Does the team possess the leadership capabilities and functional expertise needed to take the company to the next step in its growth? 

Is the leadership team sufficiently optimized and functioning at the maximum level? 

Is there clear alignment between strategic focus and organizational structure? 


Identify the talents that drive superior performance in role.


Measure the strength of talents and identify critical gaps.


Predict performance and compare against your very best.



Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Conchie on a wide range of issues including team effectiveness, strategy, succession planning, talent selection, and executive coaching. He brings advice based on proven research and extensive real world experience. He will stretch and challenge your thinking and deliver advice in a well-reasoned, direct manner. I have been delighted with my interactions with Barry and appreciate the opportunity to frequently benefit from his wisdom.


We’ve been researching interesting questions for 35 years. We’re interested to hear yours! 


Let our team help you ask the right questions, uncover the best solutions, and unlock the performance potential of your organization.

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