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Barry’s background in cognitive neuroscience and statistics uniquely positions him to apply a strong scientific approach and data driven insights to leadership and management issues.  

He is particularly interested in decision making and the standard heuristics that drive default thought processes. His expertise in team functioning and optimization positions leadership as a shared endeavor. 

He challenges and stimulates in equal measure and can be a key agent in shifting fixed mindsets and driving growth. While each speech is uniquely crafted, the central unifying theme is that people perform better when they position their work around their strengths. 


Keynotes & Programs

Barry Conchie is known for combining research rigor and inspiring insights to challenge leaders with ideas that will positively impact their performance.

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Barry has spoken to a wide range of companies and audiences around the world.

Keynote addresses are typically combined with smaller top team sessions and interactive panel discussions. Each audience engagement is uniquely crafted for the organization and those attending.
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The Five Talents That Really Matter

What does research tell us about the most effective leaders?

This presentation digs deep into the research to explain the blend of talents that are key to organizational leadership. Based on insights from a database of 58,000 global leaders.
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Accelerating Team Trust and Performance

What principles and behaviors accelerate team trust and performance? 

We have spent many years studying the most successful executive teams and identifying factors that are key to their success. We have also studied teams who have failed. By applying our research knowledge of effective team leadership, we help steer a team along the right path, accentuating behavior that drives success and managing behavior that does not.
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Executive Decision-Making

What do studies in psychology, neuroscience and heuristics tell us about the choices we make?

Is “perfect” decision-making possible?

Over the last 50 years, accelerating research into cognitive bias has helped us understand the limits and flaws in human reasoning. Every leader should understand these biases, recognize the behaviors they predict, and learn different ways to help counter them. 

Enterprise Solutions

Contact us to explore talent assessment opportunities for executive leaders, teams, and other critical roles that support your organization.
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