Conchie Associates has global expertise in the areas of psychometric assessment, top-level succession planning, individual and team optimization, organizational effectiveness and strategic alignment. 

We help CEO’s and Boards develop long-term business and leadership strategies that identify opportunities, focus on growth and clearly define value-creation for your organization. 


The Conchie Associates Executive Leadership Assessment (ELA) provides a research-based performance prediction of executive leadership effectiveness. Based on comparisons to our global leadership database (n= 58,000+ C-Suite executives) we evaluate individuals and teams against 5 leadership dimensions and 19 more specifically defined predictive leadership performance themes. Careful insertion of our ELA into your selection process can significantly reduce the error rate in hiring decisions. 


CEO & Executive selection 

Analysis of leadership “bench” strength 

High Potential candidate analysis 

Individual leadership development planning 

Executive Leadership Team development, alignment and optimization 

The most effective succession planning requires proactive investment in the long-term development of internal leadership capability. As higher-level vacancies arise, a company can surface numerous highly talented internal candidates who stand comparison against any external candidate field.   

Our Executive Leadership Assessment provides the objective measurement and calibration of talent that are essential to this approach. We benchmark the strength of leaders against internal company standards and our external executive database comprising nearly 58,000 global C-suite executives. 


The best coaching must develop capability and impact performance. Understanding the demands of your role, your talent and experience places us in a unique position to guide the development and growth of executive leaders. 


Clinically assess individuals and provide developmentally focused feedback  

Get to know individuals and the context of their leadership challenges and aspirations

Observe individuals in team settings  

Provide guidance on the optimization of relationships with direct reports and key partners

Contribute to an individual’s development plan 


We have spent many years studying the most successful executive teams and identifying factors that are key to their success. We have also studied teams who have failed. By applying our research knowledge of effective team leadership, we help steer a team along the right path, accentuating behavior that drives success and managing behavior that does not.

Each team engagement is different. We have ideas and approaches designed to address many different challenges and opportunities. We deploy a range of carefully researched, proprietary assessment and development tools that are focused on team analysis. Some of these engagements are in-depth and involved. 


Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Conchie on a wide range of issues including team effectiveness, strategy, succession planning, talent selection, and executive coaching. He brings advice based on proven research and extensive real world experience. He will stretch and challenge your thinking and deliver advice in a well-reasoned, direct manner. I have been delighted with my interactions with Barry and appreciate the opportunity to frequently benefit from his wisdom.


We’ve been researching interesting questions for 35 years. We’re interested to hear yours! 


Let our team help you ask the right questions, uncover the best solutions, and unlock the performance potential of your organization.

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