Barry Conchie is a stimulating and engaging speaker who has presented to organizations and conferences worldwide. Typically, keynote addresses are combined with smaller top team sessions and interactive panel discussions. Barry is known for combining research rigor and inspiring insights to challenge leaders with ideas that will positively impact their performance.  

Barry’s background in cognitive neuroscience and statistics uniquely positions him to apply a strong scientific approach and data driven insights to leadership and management issues. He challenges and stimulates in equal measure and can be a key agent in shifting fixed mindsets and driving growth.  

He is particularly interested in decision making and the standard heuristics that drive default thought processes. His expertise in team functioning and optimization positions leadership as a shared endeavor. 

Barry has spoken to a wide range of companies and audiences around the world, including, Hilton, HP, Honeywell, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Stryker, Hologic, VW/Audi among others. While each speech is uniquely crafted, the central unifying theme is that people perform better when they position their work around their strengths. 



  • He positions his message to meet the needs of his audience.  

  • He will make you think.   

  • He addresses the limitations of orthodox thinking.  

  • He is critical of common approaches to leadership and management that have poor evidence of efficacy.  

  • He uses research data and insights to establish a clear path of what needs to be done to drive engagement, performance and personal and professional flourishing. 



How can you use your strengths to become the best leader you can be?  


Understand the key components in team leadership and learn the four critical elements that every leader needs to demonstrate to drive the strongest followership.

What does research tell us about the most effective leaders?


This presentation digs deep into the research to explain the blend of talents that are key to organizational leadership. Based on insights from a database of 58,000 global leaders.  

What do studies in psychology, neuroscience and heuristics tell us about the choices we make? Is “perfect” decision-making possible?


Over the last 50 years, accelerating research into cognitive bias has helped us understand the limits and flaws in human reasoning. Every leader should understand these biases, recognize the behaviors they predict, and learn different ways to help counter them. 

Can you provide objective evidence of increasing leadership strengths and capabilities?  


This presentation takes a whole organizational view to building talent at all levels of the company for truly transformational succession planning.  

What talents correlate to success? What experiences are valuable? What expertise matters?  


This presentation dissects the importance of, and balance required between, leadership talent (which is difficult to define and even harder to measure), critical experiences and the knowledge and skills necessary for effective leadership.


Not everyone can lead an organization, but every manager has the capacity to improve. The most exciting part of my job is to provide that insight that can unlock of person’s potential, and to then see and support their growth and impact. Sometimes that comes through challenging a person’s assumptions about themselves and how to lead and manage others.


There is no shortage of ideas about how to become an effective leader, and i take a lot of pleasure from cutting through the bad, the superficial, the plain wrong… and shining a light on the credible, replicated research findings into high performing leaders.



Over the last five years, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Conchie on a wide range of issues including team effectiveness, strategy, succession planning, talent selection, and executive coaching. He brings advice based on proven research and extensive real world experience. He will stretch and challenge your thinking and deliver advice in a well-reasoned, direct manner. I have been delighted with my interactions with Barry and appreciate the opportunity to frequently benefit from his wisdom.


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